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80s-born Mother’s Journey: Self-Employment EP and International Education for Her Child in Singapore

In ancient times, there was a famous tale of “Meng Mu San Qian 孟母三迁,” a mother who moved three times for the education of her child. In modern times, we have a similar story of an 80s-born full-time mother with zero educational background who successfully obtained a self-employment pass (EP) in Singapore and enrolled her child in a prestigious international school. How did they achieve this feat?

Recently, we helped this full-time mother with no formal education background to obtain an EP in just 5 days! This raises questions about the advantages of self-employment immigration in Singapore and why more people are choosing to go to Singapore.

The venturing story of Mrs. W

Mrs. W, a 40-year-old full-time mother, faced challenges in obtaining an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore due to her high school diploma, which provided little advantage compared to other applicants with higher education qualifications. Moreover, starting from September of this year, Singapore has implemented a “score-based system” for EP applications, which has caused setbacks in her previous attempts.

Like many parents, Mrs. W is deeply concerned about her children’s education. Singapore is renowned for its world-leading education system, especially in early childhood education. Mrs. W planned to first obtain an EP in Singapore and then enroll her children in an international school.

Through recommendations from friends in the industry, Mrs. W established a partnership with Go Global Gem specializing in overseas relocation. One of our client managers communicated extensively with her and her family, conducted systematic analysis, and identified favorable conditions. Since her education qualification could not earn her extra points, we focused on other aspects to maximize the total score. Ultimately, a self-employment EP solution was tailored for her.

Go Global Gem helped Mrs. W develop a plan that capitalized on other criteria to compensate for her lack of higher education. Factors such as her work experience, business proposal, and investment plans in Singapore played a pivotal part in supporting her application. With a well-prepared application, Mrs. W successfully obtained the EP, which allowed her to bring her children to study in a reputable international school in Singapore.

Application process:

2023.3.7, submit EP application;

2023.3.13, EP application approved;

The whole process took only 5 working days!

How to Earn Points for Singapore EP Application?

As the saying goes, a degree doesn’t represent one’s ability to learn, as it often serves as a hallway. However, starting from September 1st this year, without a university degree, it may not be easy to obtain an EP in Singapore. Just take a look at the scoring criteria, which awards zero points for education without a university degree.

The new scoring system for EP applications in Singapore mainly consists of scoring points in two categories: company and individual aspects.



Advantages of EP Application through Go Global Gem

It is known from the scoring system mentioned above that obtaining an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore may not be impossible even without a university degree.

In general, a minimum of 40 points is required to meet the threshold for EP application. However, scoring 40 points does not guarantee approval, as there are many highly qualified candidates, similar to the concept of “selective admission”.

If you aim to achieve 40 points or even more, you need to earn more points in other categories. This means that you need to excel in multiple areas to gain a competitive advantage.

With the upcoming increase in the threshold for Employment Pass (EP) applications in Singapore starting from September 1st, now is a favorable time to apply. If you have any questions or need further information about EP applications, feel free to leave a message or send a private message. We will assess your situation and provide effective solutions to assist you in obtaining your EP successfully.

1. Comprehensive Business Services

Go Global Gem provides a wide range of business services, which can help clients earn more points in different categories, enhancing their overall profile for EP application.

2. Expertise and Experience

With an experienced team of professionals who have backgrounds from leading accounting firms, Go Global Gem offers professional services and builds a trusted brand reputation.

3. Established Track Record

With over 5000 successful client cases and certifications for quality and reliability, Go Global Gem has earned positive word-of-mouth reputation from its clients.

4. Customized Solutions

Go Global Gem deeply understands clients’ needs and provides tailored solutions that cater to their specific requirements, helping them maximize their chances of obtaining an EP.

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In conclusion, Go Global Gem can provide a competitive advantage for EP applicants by offering comprehensive business services, leveraging their expertise and experience, established track record, and customized solutions to help clients meet the requirements and achieve success in their EP applications.

Go Global Gem offers comprehensive business services including tax compliance, financial planning, global identity planning, family office services, business migration, regulatory licensing, overseas education, business visas, and human resources, among others. This wide range of services allows Go Global Gem to assist clients in different aspects of their global business expansion plans.

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