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Employment Pass obtained in 3 days with no degree qualifications. Act before the next changes in EPpolicy!

Employment Pass obtained in 3 days with no degree qualifications. Act before the next changes in EPpolicy!

Mr. L did not graduate from university, but under the reasonable planning and operation of Go Global Gem, he obtained the Employment Pass in three days. How does that work?


The immigration story of Mr. L

Mr. L did not graduate from college, but he has honed his skills in top management during his career, gaining rich experiences throughout his life. With his outstanding strengths, he reached the position of general manager. A few years later, Mr. L opened his own company through entrepreneurship and engaged in the multinational trading industry, and therefore had the need and idea to immigrate to Singapore to expand his business.

By analyzing Mr. L’s resume and the existing situation of his company, and combining it with Singapore’s EP requirements, we formulated a tailor-made plan for Mr. L’s employment pass application. The result was delightful.

The result was pleasing: Mr. L got his EP within 3 working days after the submission.

Approved Employment Pass For Mr L

EP Requirements

Employment Pass (EP) is a work pass provided by the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower for foreign professionals, managers, supervisors or high-professional positions. It is also one of Singapore’s most issued passes in the country, with 943,400 EP passes issued as of June 2022.

Despite the number, applying for an EP is not that easy. According to the new regulations issued by Singapore on September 1, 2022, EP applications must meet the following requirements:

  • A monthly salary of S$5,000, or S$5,500 for those in finance;
  • Have a Job Offer in Singapore;
  • Engaged in managerial, supervisory or professional work;
  • Good educational background, professional qualification or professional skills.

In light of trends in the EP policy of the Manpower Authority of Singapore (MOM), EP applications will be increasingly complex in the future. These include raising the qualifying salary criteria and introducing a points-based complementary assessment framework (COMPASS) for EP applications. This provision will come into effect on September 1, 2023. Therefore, if you are willing to apply, it is recommended to submit the application as early as possible for a higher rate of success.

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EP application guide

EP applications are approved only should the conditions are met, but the required information is relatively large, including personal data and company information. The main information is as follows:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s ID card and passport (information page and apostille page) and three photographs of the last three months.
  2. Scanned copy of the original diploma;
  3. Educational certification approved by the institution;
  4. Copy of notarial certificate of diploma (diploma and degree certificate are required for Chinese diploma);
  5. The applicant’s previous and current employment certificates;
  6. Applicant’s past work history;
  7. EP application form (provided by Go Global Gem);
  8. Bizfile (registration paper) of the Singapore Company which employed the applicant;
  9. Office lease contract and other supporting documents.

In the process of your EP application, Go Global Gem will follow and coordinate the whole process. As such, you are only needed to provide the necessary information. The consultant will provide a one-on-one service, by taking care of the rest of the application process and other add-on information. The whole process will be time-saving and effortless for you.



1.    Can EP applicants apply for Permanent Residency?

Of course you can. After obtaining the EP, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) if you have lived in Singapore for at least one year. Many of our clients use EP as a springboard to get PR.

2.    How do I submit my documents when applying if I have just graduated and have not received my diploma yet?

You will need to submit a letter from the school confirming that the applicant has completed the program requirements and will be eligible. The letter must include the following, the duration of the course, the name of the major, and the tentative date on which the candidate will receive the certificate.

3.    How long does the EP application take?

A total of 1 to 10 working days. Should the application require additional information, it will take longer time to process.

4.    How long is the EP valid?

The initial application is for 2 years and the renewal is for 3 years.

5.    What if I want to change jobs while I am holding EP?

You can ask your new employer to apply for a new Employment Pass for you. You do not need to cancel your existing EP before applying for a new one.

6.    Do self-employed immigrants need to be paid monthly after they are approved for EP?

Yes, you will need to arrange your monthly paycheck and salary (by the 7th of the following month) after your EP is approved. After that, your EP will also have to be updated according to your salary level and bank statements.

7.    Do EP holders need to pay a foreign worker tax or quota?

No, you do not.

8.    Can EP holders bring family members?

Yes, but there are monthly salary requirements. For a monthly salary of S$6,000, you can apply for a Dependent Pass for your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. For a monthly salary of S$12,000, you can apply for a long-term visitation permit for your parents.

9.    How long is a family visitation permit valid?

Up to two years, linked to the validity of the main Employment Pass.

10. What is the percentage of personal tax in Singapore? How much personal tax do I need to pay each year?

Percentage Of Income Tax

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Note: This table applies to people with an income of more than S$1 million

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