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Finally, a clear guidance on how to collect the physical Singapore Employment Pass (EP) after receiving the In-Principle Approval (IPA).

Finally, a clear guidance on how to collect the physical Singapore Employment Pass (EP) after receiving the In-Principle Approval (IPA).

Earlier, Singapore authorities announced adjustments to the EP evaluation criteria, set to take effect in September this year. As a result, a considerable number of overseas professionals rushed to apply for the EP before the policy “tightening” was enforced. Now, many individuals have already received a preliminary approval letter. So, the question arises: how can they proceed to obtain the physical EP card?

The Story of Ms. D’s Overseas Journey

Ms. D, a graduate from a university in East China with a degree in English, embarked on a career in translation and language-related work upon graduating. At the age of 37, she assumed a C-level executive role in a maritime services company, where her responsibilities encompassed recruitment, planning, and brand management.

Singapore, strategically positioned at the entrance of the Malacca Strait, ranks among the world’s busiest maritime passages, often referred to as the “Golden Waterway.” Serving as a vital link between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Singapore acts as a crossroads connecting Asia and Oceania while also serving as a pivotal conduit bridging the West and the East.

With her company’s growth trajectory, Ms. D and the executive team concurred on intensifying their presence in the Southeast Asian market. Thanks to Singapore’s geographically advantageous location, it emerged as the preferred choice for Ms. D and her company, aligning with the strategic moves of numerous other Chinese corporations venturing abroad.

An initation extended by Go Global Gem prompted Ms. D’s visit to their premises, facilitating comprehensive discussions and in-depth understanding of the solutions available for overseas services in Singapore. After meticulous assessment and review, Ms. D opted for the self-employed EP program tailored by Go Global Gem. Guided diligently by her account manager, her EP application secured successful approval, marking the initiation of an invigorating new chapter.

In the imminent future, Ms. D is poised to land in Singapore armed with the IPA to formally acquire her physical EP.

Go Global Gem has meticulously compiled a detailed walkthrough for switching to a work visa through the IPA route.


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Guide to Collecting Your EP Card

After receiving a job offer from a Singaporean company, the company will assist you in submitting your Employment Pass (EP) application. Upon approval, you will receive an In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter.

(If you’re applying for a self-employed EP, you can hire yourself as an employee of your company and then proceed to apply for the EP.)

Step 1: Once you have the IPA, you’re all set to book your flight to Singapore. The IPA serves as a visa for your single entry into Singapore. Prior to your Singapore arrival, remember to complete the SG Arrival Card.

Step 2: Upon entry, follow the instructions on the IPA and undergo a medical examination at a designated clinic, bringing along your passport and the IPA.

Step 3: Send the medical examination report and SG Arrival Card to your account manager at Go Global Gem. We will assist you in applying for physical EP card issuance.

Step 4: After receiving the Notification Letter via email, schedule an appointment for EP registration. On the appointed date, bring your passport, printed Notification Letter, and Appointment Letter to the EP Service Center for photography and fingerprinting. You can also register for Singpass on-site.

Step 5: In approximately five working days, your physical EP card will be sent to your company’s address.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out through private messaging in the background.


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What are the Adjustments to EP Applications?

Earlier, Singapore announced adjustments to the Employment Pass (EP) application criteria. In addition to stringent salary requirements and other essential prerequisites, the Ministry of Manpower has established specialized assessment criteria and industry groups. However, even with these changes, the enthusiasm of applicants remains undeterred.

As per official announcements, the new policy will introduce a scoring mechanism, evaluating factors such as salary levels, the number of local employees, educational qualifications, and the diversity of the company’s workforce. A minimum score of 40 points is required for a successful assessment.

What does this policy change entail?

Educational Qualifications: The requirements for educational qualifications will be raised, demanding higher academic backgrounds for self-employed immigrants.

Local Employees: The criteria for local employee hiring will be elevated as well. Self-employed immigrants will need to employ more local workers to achieve higher scores.

Diversity: The criteria for diversity within the company’s workforce will also be enhanced. This indicates a move towards a more balanced immigration policy in Singapore, aiming to attract individuals from other countries rather than predominantly focusing on Chinese immigrants.

In essence, the new policy will raise the threshold and requirements for self-employed immigrants. This signifies the end of an era characterized by simpler processes, lower barriers, and lenient educational prerequisites for self-employed immigration that was prevalent in the past.


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Advantages of Singapore’s Self-Employed EP

If you apply before the end of August, you still have a chance to enjoy the existing policy. However, you need to act swiftly and choose a reputable company. Currently, the self-employed immigration policy in Singapore still holds several advantages:

  1. No Restrictions on Educational Background: There are still chances to obtain self-employed immigrant status without limitations on educational background.
  2. Lower Application Costs: Compared to other countries, the application fees for self-employed immigration in Singapore are relatively low.
  3. Expedited Processing: The processing time is relatively quick, with some individuals receiving approval in as little as two months.
  4. Apply With Your Family: Three generations of a family can apply together, providing convenience for family immigration.
  5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: If you’re planning to immigrate to Singapore and embark on independent entrepreneurship, consider self-employed immigration. Despite higher requirements, there’s still a chance to secure self-employed immigrant status. Prepare your documents promptly and seize the opportunity!


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It’s important to note that once you obtain a tax identification number in Singapore, you can enjoy the same favorable tax rates as local residents. This means that even if you earn a million-dollar salary, the amount of tax you pay in Singapore will be significantly lower.

As an EP holder, you can also open a bank account in Singapore. Being a tax resident, your account information, employment relationship, and communication details are all fully legal, compliant, and secure within Singapore’s borders.


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