How Business Travel Concierge Service Can Help Grow Your Business

For some companies, business travel can be an incredible driver for growth and success. From attending international trade shows and important conferences, to meeting with vendors and partners to network and expand influence, heading overseas to connect is a smart strategy in today’s globalised economy.

However, as any business traveller can attest to, a business travel schedule can be incredibly demanding. Meetings can be long and be placed on the other side of the city, and the smaller essential tasks of transportation, reservations and planning can be easily overlooked when one is swept up in the mix.

That’s where a business travel concierge service comes in to help. By partnering with a travel concierge service, businesses can have them streamline their travel process by picking up these extra tasks, thereby reducing stress and letting the busy executive focus on what they do best – represent and grow their business.


What Exactly Are Business Concierge Services?

Much like a concierge at a hotel, a business concierge offers personalised travel management service that can include assistance with planning, booking, and managing travel arrangements for busy business professionals. 

On top of more standard tasks such as booking of flights, hotels and transport, business concierge service partners can often research recommendations based on the specific requests for the trip, or cater to relocation needs for expatriates. For instance, Go Global Gem can help prepare ideal housing and child care options, and even take care of regular remittance.


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Up Business Concierge Services?

While it appears to be an extra cost at the onset, working with a business travel concierge service can easily pay for itself when a company looks at its full benefits.



Small things add up. By outsourcing travel arrangements to a concierge service, business professionals can free up more time to focus on more important priorities they are hired for, such as securing meetings with clients or preparing presentations. Much like how one can delegate certain tasks to secretaries or personal assistants, a business concierge can pick up the custom duties which a company may prefer not to do.
Also, with their experience and knowledge on market options, business concierge services can also help business travellers avoid common travel hiccups such as long lines at the airport or unexpected flight cancellations, by planning for the most reliable timings and agencies to work with for any country they might be visiting.


Personalised experiences

It is important to ensure that your representative is well-prepared for their visit and sometimes this can mean catering to certain needs within their itineraries. This could include having a well-equipped gym at the hotel they will be in, or preparing a menu that caters to their allergies. A business travel concierge service can work with vendors to ensure these needs are met, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience for your employee. This can also be useful when your business professional needs to host important meetings or entertainment for clients, where a concierge service can then help recommend choice options and even help with difficult reservations. After all, impressions do matter.



It’s counterintuitive but it’s true – a business concierge service can save a company money. With their strong connections, they most certainly have access to exclusive rates for flights, hotels, and other travel expenses, helping organisations save money for other business expenses instead. Rather than spend time and effort on keeping track of deals or being bound to a particular brand or agency, a concierge service can leverage their vendors to give you the best value and variety for your budget. They can also negotiate on your behalf, so items like team incentive trips or frequent travel can often enjoy additional perks and savings as well.  Also, if you consider freeing up more time for your high-value employee by eliminating these responsibilities, you are also making better use of your business dollar.


Productivity and peace of mind

With the help of a business travel concierge service, business professionals can reduce travel-related stress and focus on their core duties, increasing their productivity for the company. And if these individuals hold high-profile roles in the company, needless to say, their efficiency can be helped when everything has been prepared for them in advance, and works smoothly throughout the trip. 

With their updated knowledge of the destination countries and relevant guidelines, a business concierge can offer precious peace of mind to the business traveller, ensuring that all administrative work is prepared according to prevailing rules. With a rapidly-changing global landscape, an experienced partner here can save your employee from unnecessary anxiety. 

It’s also good to have ongoing support (sometimes 24/7) from a business concierge, so that they can manage last-minute requests, changes and emergencies. This added safety net can be incredibly reassuring to the business professional, allowing them to be productive even when unexpected situations occur.


Is A Business Travel Concierge Service For You?

If your organisation includes business travel as a component for sales, development, network and growth, then having a business concierge service partner will prove to be an invaluable asset.

Not only can they help streamline your business travel needs so your teams can focus on their duties, the above benefits of cost-saving and assurances contribute to improved productivity and employee satisfaction too. More importantly, their ongoing support means a business needn’t worry about unexpected incidents, even if they happen at odd hours.

Clearly, the decision to include a business travel concierge service is a valuable and arguably essential investment for businesses that want to take their growth to the next level.

Need a reliable partner to assist you with business travel? Let the experienced experts at Go Global Gem help you take care of those needs.