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How to apply for Employment Pass at the age of 60 and get approval within 4 working days?

Successful case study: How to apply for Employment Pass at the age of 60 and get approval within 4 working days?

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is an employment pass tailored for foreign professionals, managers and executives.

EP has higher requirements than other permits such as the S Pass and Work Permits, and the requirements are different for different ages and occupations. The older you are, the higher the salary are able to obtain. In this case, how can applicants over the age of 60 get an EP?

Who can apply for EP?

Only eligible candidates will be considered for EP. Requirements include a monthly salary of at least S$5,000 based on the top third of the salary of local Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMET). Before applying, please use the self-assessment tool to check the candidate’s eligibility.

Send us a private message or comment to get the assessment form.

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1.     Who is eligible?

The Employment Pass is applicable to the following foreign professionals:

  • Currently has a Job Offer in Singapore;
  • To engage in management, administrative fields or professional work;
  • Good educational background, professional qualification or professional skills;
  • A fixed monthly salary equivalent to the top third of the local PMET workforce by age, as follows:

2.     Salary Requirement


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3.     Qualifications

①When you submit your Work Permit application, you will be asked to provide details of your qualifications and work experience.

②To check if the organization is accredited, you can contact a background check company.

Send us a private message or comment to get a free evaluation form and background check form.

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Mr. L’s EP approved in 4 days

Mr. L, 60 years old, graduated from a prestige university in China, majoring in power systems and automation. He is currently the director and vice president of a new energy group in China. The group is an international renewable energy group listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with wind and solar power plant investment operations and wind and solar power service businesses as its main businesses.

In 2022, to facilitate the international transformation and to expand the Group, Mr. L decided to set up a company in Singapore after consulting with the group’s senior management to accelerate the layout of the international market. Through the recommendation of friends in the industry, Mr. L established an excellent cooperative relationship with Go Global Gem. According to the actual situation of Mr. L and the requirements of COMPASS, Go Global Gem tailored a solution for him. Due to full preparation, it only took 4 working days for Mr. L’s EP to be approved. This is very efficient in the industry. Soon, Mr. L will land in Singapore and start his overseas trip.

Mr. L will also plan to apply for Singapore PR in the future. Looking forward to further cooperation with Mr. L and his group!


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Complementary Assessment Framework for EP

From Sept 1, 2023 onwards, EP applicants must undergo a two-stage eligibility framework. In addition to reaching the qualifying salary (Stage 1), EP candidates must also pass the points-based Complementary Assessment Framework (COMPASS) (Stage 2).

For the application of Singapore EP, the assessment aspects are diverse, such as age, job, occupation, etc. What’s more, as you get older, your salary requirements increase. For example, the maximum is S $10,500 for applicants over 40.

Of course, to increase your success rate, you can add points to your EP application in the following aspects:


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What can I do after I get the EP?

After successfully get the EP, you can:

1.     Travel and work

In general, the first approved EP is valid for a maximum of 2 years (depending on MOM’s official regulations, it varies); During this period of time, you can freely enter and leave Singapore as many times as possible, and you can also live and work in Singapore.

2.     Long-term renewal

Renewable upon expiration for up to three years, subject to eligibility;

3.     Family reunion

With a minimum monthly salary of S$5,000, you will be eligible to apply for EP. Should you wish to bring your spouse and children, you need to earn S$6,000 a month. Furthermore, if you need to bring your parents, you need to earn S$12,000 a month.

It is important to note that your employer must file a separate application for each family member. This application can be submitted with the employment Permit application or separately after applying your application.

4.     Apply for PR

Usually, an Employment Pass holder is eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency after being approved for more than half a year. This is the same as our domestic “points-based permanent residence registration” and “merit-based recruitment”, and it would provide more competitive advantages if you met the requirements.

Once you have successfully applied for Singapore PR, you and your family can enjoy a full range of services such as housing, medical care and education in Singapore, and even lay a solid foundation for later application to become a local citizen.

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What else do you want to know about Singapore EP? Feel free to contact us. We will provide business services, overseas asset allocation, overseas identity planning and other integrated solutions for going abroad.


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