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Successful case study: What are the changes in Singapore Permanent Residency applications and how to improve your success rate?

Successful case study: What are the changes in Singapore Permanent Residency applications and how to improve your success rate?

In the early 2019, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointed out in an interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, Singapore is not short of land and resources, but of people. In the last 3 years, this situation has been even more serious, and Singapore even suffers from a “talent shortage”!

To solve the problem of talent shortage, Singapore has introduced a series of policies to attract more talented and skillful people. As you know, this is the prime time to apply for Singapore status.

Today, we are going to share the secret on how to obtain a Singapore Permanent Resident status with ease.

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① The venturing story of Mrs. Z

Ms. Z attended Kaplan College of Higher Education and Oxford Brookes University, where she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chartered Accountant and Accounting. After graduation, Ms. Z worked as a financial risk analyst for a company in Singapore. Since 2019, Ms. Z has been working as a Senior Accounting Director in a company in Singapore, where she is mainly responsible for the management, supervision and operation of the accounting department of the company.

Due to her needing to work and live in Singapore, Ms. Z successfully applied for an Employment Pass (EP) through Go Global Gem. During her work in Singapore, Ms. Z paid her taxes on time and in full, took the initiative to participate in public welfare activities, and actively integrated into local life. In 2021, Ms. Z was married to her husband, Mr. W and had a happy family.

Singapore has excellent international education resources, mainly International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. IB courses are a kindergarten to pre-university program for students around the world. It provides intellectual, emotional, personal development and social skills for students aged 3 to 19 to prepare them to learn, work and live in society.

With its superior geographical location, international connection and business-friendly policies, Singapore is a suitable country for overseas elites to start their own businesses. In order to give their children a future todevelop their future careers, Ms. Z’s family found Go Global Gem again, hoping that Go Global Gem could help them apply for PR status at the Immigration Officeas Go Global Gem has maintained good communication with Ms. Z. After understanding her needs, Go Global Gem has provided a detailed plan for her. The process application and procedures went smooth and Ms. Z was able to successfully apply for the PR status! Congratulations to them!


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What changes have been made to the PR application process?

If you want to apply for the Singapore Permanent Residency status, then you must keep these changes in mind:

1.    “Complete” the vaccination

First of all, you need to complete the vaccination before you can complete the PR approval procedures.

According to the latest regulations from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), after a PR application is approved, the vaccination must be completed before the whole process is completed. This rule applies to anyone age 12 or older. If you want to get a PR without immunization, you will need a certificate from an authoritative doctor in Singapore unless your medical condition does not allow it.

Note: requirements like different types of vaccines for adults and children and criteria for completion of vaccination can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Manpower.

2.    Extension of the Approval-in-Principle letter application period

In the past, the application period of the Approval-in-Principle letter was originally set for one month, but now it has been extended to two months.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this rule is changed to ensure that applicants can have more time to complete all the procedures. However, this period may face further changes in the future.

3.    A more detailed PR application form

In the original PR application form, part of the information needed to be entered manually by the applicant. But now the computer program has been set up so that the applicant can find the information by selecting the drop-down box.

For example, a drop-down box showing the specific name of the school now exists in the graduate school option. Take your time and select it carefully.

4.    Email notified PR application result

In the past, PR applicants had to open their mailboxes every day to see if the post office worker had dropped in a thick letter of approval. Now, Singapore is a country of digitalization. The PR application results are sent directly through emails as indicated in the application forms.

5.    No physical presence needed to be in Singapore

It usually takes 6 months to approve a PR application. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this rule has been changed: if you are not in Singapore by the time that PR application is approved, you could apply for an extension online.

Note: Whether or not a PR application can be approved and how long it takes to get approval varies in individual cases. Some have been approved within one or two months, others have waited more than a year, and still others have yet to be approved for several years. If you are applying for PR, please be patient.

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Tips to improve your acceptance rate for PR applications

What are some tips for improving Singapore’s PR pass rate?

Based on many years of overseas planning experience, we have summarized some tips:

  1. Have stayed in Singapore for at least 3-5 years;
  2. Letters of recommendation written by Singapore citizens (people with local status);
  3. Certificate of unpaid blood donation;
  4. Proof of donation or other charity-related participation;
  5. Proof of various types of insurance for yourself;
  6. Certificate of volunteer participation.

If you have the above conditions, your PR application success rate will be greatly improved.

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