The Best Practices in Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic still very much in its infancy the world over. Getting people aware, let
alone, practise sustainability, remains a challenging task. Nevertheless, it is a topic that will
only grow in stature and importance. Having more people onboard the sustainability train can
only be good for future generations. Over the years, efforts have been made to increase
awareness and address challenges to embracing more sustainable practices both in work and
lifestyles. Practitioners in the field have also been relentless in their push to share more
knowledge on the topic as well as to advocate behavioural changes in an effort to make
sustainable practices an everyday part of life. The journey has only just begun and continued
and increasing engagement efforts would be key.

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The hallmarks of a successful engagement program would include:
– Awareness
– Empowerment
– Call to action
– Acknowledgement

The path to solving any problem always starts with awareness. An informed populace not only
of the issue at hand but also the extent of potential harm, can galvanise concerted efforts to
initiate changes for the better.

People respond more positively to calls for actions if they feel they have the mandate and
capacity to do so. Wherever possible, clear guidance and options for action should be

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Call to action
A call to action that is well-delivered, clear and succinct will be most inviting. It helps rouse
the necessary support and provides a central and unifying purpose for all participants.

Adequate acknowledgement is important in engagement programs. Through feedback,
people stay more engaged when the impact of their actions are made known. When people
can be positively reinforced by seeing and feeling the differences they have made, they will
be more engaged to continue or even deepen their efforts to the cause at hand.
To leave behind a better world for our future generations requires us to adopt sustainable
practices as a way of life. While certainly a long-term goal, having an engaged citizenry would
be a good first step.

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