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We provide holistic one-stop service for all your needs, such as housing, insurance, wealth management, education and transport arrangements.

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What is Concierge Services

Concierge services are personalized assistance and support provided by dedicated professionals to help individuals and businesses manage their daily tasks and requirements. These services are designed to save time, reduce stress, and enhance convenience by handling a wide range of responsibilities on behalf of the clients. Concierge services aim to simplify and streamline tasks, saving clients time and effort while offering convenience and a high level of customization. They often cater to busy professionals, travellers, and those seeking tailored solutions to their demands and preferences.

Why Choose Us?

We help individuals become more productive in their busy day-to-day schedule by providing support from housing, transport, family arrangement, child care to business support. We ensure that our personalised concierge services help you and your family settle quickly and smoothly into your new environment.

Let our professional support team help you every step of the way.

Our Concierge Services

Here’s a list of what our concierge services provide:


Entertainment: Concierge services can help with arranging tickets for events, making restaurant reservations, suggesting local attractions, booking spa appointments, organizing recreational activities, and providing information on cultural events or nightlife options.


Housing/Relocation: Concierge services can assist with finding suitable accommodations for short or long-term stays, whether it’s booking hotels, serviced apartments, or assisting with the relocation process, including finding a new home, coordinating moving services, and providing information on local neighbourhoods.


Education: Concierge services may provide guidance on educational options, such as recommending schools or universities, assisting with the enrollment process, and offering resources for tutoring or extracurricular activities.


Butler: A concierge service can provide access to professional butlers who offer personalized assistance within a private residence or during special events. They can handle tasks like household management, event planning, personal shopping, and overseeing domestic staff.


Air Ticketing/Hotels: Concierge services can help with booking flights, securing hotel reservations, managing travel itineraries, and offering recommendations on travel destinations, based on individual preferences and requirements.


Transport/Car Rental/Limousine: Concierge services can arrange transportation services, including car rentals, chauffeur-driven limousines, airport transfers, and organizing private transportation for events or special occasions.


Matchmaking: Some concierge services offer matchmaking services, connecting individuals with potential romantic partners based on their preferences, interests, and compatibility.


Butler/Helper: Similar to the previous mention of butlers, a concierge service may provide personal assistants or helpers who offer support with various tasks, such as shopping, event planning, managing appointments, or organizing daily schedules.


Immigration: Concierge services can assist with immigration processes, including visa applications, document preparation, and providing guidance on immigration regulations and requirements.


Child Care: Concierge services may help arrange child care services, including finding qualified babysitters or nannies, providing recommendations for family-friendly activities, and assisting with organizing children’s events or parties.


Recruitment/Payroll: Some concierge services offer support with recruitment processes, assisting in finding suitable candidates for specific roles and managing payroll-related tasks, such as salary administration and compliance.


Remittance: Concierge services can facilitate international money transfers or remittances, ensuring secure and efficient transfer of funds between different countries or currencies.


Bookkeeping/Tax/Trust: Concierge services can provide assistance with bookkeeping, tax planning, and trust management, helping individuals or businesses organize financial records, maximize tax efficiency, and establish and manage trusts or other financial structures.


Medical Insurance: Concierge services may offer guidance on medical insurance options, assist with selecting appropriate coverage, and provide support in navigating the healthcare system, including finding doctors or specialists and scheduling medical appointments.

Why Do You Need Concierge Services in Singapore?

Time-saving: One of the primary benefits of concierge services is the ability to delegate various tasks and responsibilities to professionals, saving valuable time. Whether it’s managing personal errands, booking appointments, or handling administrative tasks, concierge services can take care of these responsibilities, allowing individuals to focus on their priorities and enjoy more free time.


Convenience: Concierge services provide convenience by handling a wide range of tasks and requests on behalf of their clients. They offer a single point of contact for various needs, eliminating the need for individuals to deal with multiple service providers or spend time researching and coordinating different services.


Personalized assistance: Concierge services offer personalized and tailored assistance to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. They take the time to understand individual requirements, ensuring that the services provided align with their unique preferences and expectations.


Access to exclusive amenities: Concierge services can provide access to exclusive amenities, such as VIP event tickets, private clubs, luxury accommodations, or unique experiences that may not be readily available to the general public. This access allows individuals to enjoy enhanced experiences and create lasting memories.


Peace of mind: Concierge services provide peace of mind by taking care of various responsibilities and ensuring that tasks are handled efficiently and professionally. Knowing that there is a dedicated team or individual managing important aspects of life or business can alleviate worries and allow individuals to enjoy a greater sense of calm and well-being.