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Immigration to Australia

Are you considering relocating to Australia from Singapore? With an average of 300,000 Singaporeans arriving in Australia each year to study, work, and for some, live, Australia is a very popular destination for Asians.

Leveraging on our strong client networks in Singapore, we have started our Australia migration service, which encompasses all areas of skilled migration, business visas, investor visas, partner and resident return visas, as well as the popular global talent visa.

With Australia only a short plane journey away, most Singaporeans and residents have some form of connection to the country – relatives, university studies, and so on…

What Should I Know Before Moving To Australia From Singapore?

Whether you’ve been considering moving to Australia from Singapore for a while or are just getting started, here are a few things to consider.

Which visa options are available to me?

What time frame am I considering?

The context for different households differ.

Visa Options from Singapore

If you’re applying ‘offshore,’ that is, outside of Australia, your options are usually the same no matter where you are.

The main visas we process from our Singapore office are listed below:

Skilled Migration

The most popular option is to apply for a skilled visa based on your occupation.

This is a points-based system in which you submit your information for review before being placed in a pool of applicants for evaluation by state and federal governments.

Business Visa

A prevalent myth is that you can ‘sponsor’ yourself a visa by starting or purchasing a business in Australia.

In actuality, you must first own a business before applying for a business visa.

This visa allows you to stay in Australia with your family while you run your business.

Investor Visa

Investing in Australia is a typical path if you have the funds.

As a requirement of your visa, you must invest in government bonds or funds for a set length of time.

You and your family can live in Australia as investors with this visa.

Family Visas

The most popular family visa we apply for from Singapore is a partner visa if you or your spouse/de facto partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

This sort of visa, which permits the non-resident/citizen partner and their children to apply for permanent residency while outside of Australia, is one of our specialties.

Your family can live anywhere in Australia after the visa is approved.

Resident Return Visa (RRV)

Former Australian citizens or permanent residents whose residency has expired are eligible for this visa.

We apply for an RRV to reinstate their visa status so they can return to Australia as a permanent resident.

Another area of expertise for us is RRVs and other family visas from Singapore, where we have successfully completed hundreds of applications.

Here’s a guide on how you can start applying for Singapore Permanent Resident, Click here.

If you wish to learn more about Singapore Permanent Resident, Click Here.

Does My Occupation Qualify Me For Skilled Migration?

It depends on your profession; Australia recognizes over 400 skilled vocations.

Engineers, ICT professionals, marketing specialists, technicians, finance professionals, cooks, chefs, and others fall under this category.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy as an Australian Permanent Resident (PR)?

All Australian permanent residents are permitted to:

• Enroll in Medicare to receive discounted or free medical care, as well as subsidized medications.
• Send their children to subsidized or free public school.
• Purchase a used home.
• Meet the requirements for some social security benefits
• Make a bank loan application.
• Apply for a first-time homebuyer grant.
• Purchase enterprises and commercial real estate.
• Start a company

And there’s a lot more!

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