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Immigration & Visa Solutions

We strive to serve you and your business needs.


Singapore is an attractive location to set up family offices, trusts and funds to manage family wealth, due to Singapore’s well developed financial infrastructure and low tax rates.

In most jurisdictions, a wide spectrum of financial incentives is available to support your business innovation and investments. They are available for both domestic and overseas investments.

Your company’s biggest asset is your people. We provide executive search and recruitment services, ranging from talent acquisition, transitions and development to HR outsourcing services.

Based in Singapore, we provide comprehensive operational support for any global expansion and mobility needs. We offer an entire suite of services to help you relocate here.

Many foreign businesses view Singapore as an ideal location to launch their market expansion. We are ready to support all businesses that would like to setup business presence here.

Tax comes into play in almost every facet of business. To avoid unexpected losses relating to tax, proper tax advice should be sought before entering into business transactions.