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Singapore has always been widely acknowledged as a livable country and city in the world. However, as we all know, the immigration threshold in Singapore has always been relatively high, and there are certain requirements for the applicant’s assets, age, education, business background, language, etc. It is not easy to obtain Singapore Permanent Resident status. Many people mistakenly think that it is difficult to move to Singapore and obtain Singapore Permanent Resident. In fact, there is a simpler way – the “Singapore Family Office” programme! More and more people have obtained Singapore Permanent Resident this way, especially high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

Singapore Family Office Lobby

On March 10, 2022, GO GLOBAL GEM held the ‘Trust and Family Office’ online webinar, to share insights and knowledge to our valued partners. At the same time, we would like to thank Alicloud for their strong support for the venue and technology! It is such a great honor to have two guests from Bank of Singapore (BOS), Jackson (OCBC subsidiary, Wealth Planner at BOS) and Sherrie (Product Specialist at BOS).

Go Global Gem Held The Trust And Family Office Online Webinar

Starting from the two major themes of ‘How to Land in Singapore’ and ‘Singapore Bank Investment Strategy’, they focus on ‘How to achieve asset inheritance and tax avoidance through the trust structure’, ‘How to obtain Singapore Permanent Resident within one month through the family-office channel’, ‘How to manage your wealth well’, and ‘What risks are the markets currently facing?’


Sherrie Chong Product Specialist At Bank Of Singapore

新加坡银行 (BOS) 产品专家

Sherrie 是 BOS 的产品专家,专门从事管理投资。她在菲律宾、东盟、印度尼西亚和泰国市场密切合作,提供量身定制的基金解决方案。
Sherrie于2019年加入新加坡银行(香港),负责大中华北亚地区的另类投资和管理解决方案。她刚刚于 2021 年搬到新加坡总部。

在加入新加坡银行之前,她是奕丰金融有限公司的高级投资顾问,负责投资研究和投资组合策略。她研究了 1000 多只基金,并受邀参加了 100 多场外部研讨会,分享她的投资理念。 Sherrie 毕业于香港城市大学,获得工商管理经济学和金融学学位。


Jackson Is A Wealth Planner At Bank Of Singapore

BOS 财富规划师

Jackson 是华侨银行子公司 BOS 的财富规划师,为超高或高净值客户和家庭提供财富规划和继承方面的咨询。在 2021 年加入 BOS 之前,他在 CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA 工作了 4 年,为私人银行客户提供全面的财富规划,以满足每个家庭的不同需求,包括为不同司法管辖区的家庭提供继任规划和财富传承。

他还在新加坡普华永道 (PWC) 和马来西亚毕马威会计师事务所工作了四年半,为跨国公司和上市银行处理财务审计和公司税务事宜。他是国际信托与资产规划协会 (STEP) 的合格信托与遗产规划师 (TEP) 和英国特许公认会计师公会 (ACCA) 特许公认会计师公会 (FCCA) 资深会员。他精通英语、普通话、广东话(方言)和闽南话。


Stella Coo Of Go Global Gem

Go Global Gem 首席运营官
Stella has over ten years of experience in finance, human resources and global immigration services. She established its headquarters in Singapore and built a dedicated team of professionals to provide full operational support for clients’ global expansion needs. She has served more than 2,000 Chinese companies and helped their management teams obtain Employment Pass and successfully assisted more than 200 permanent residency and citizenship cases.




Family Office Singapore Staff


Depending on the terms of the trust, the trustee’s control may be subject to the fiduciary or personal powers of someone else (sometimes expressly designated as a “protector”).

A Man Presenting About What Is Family Office


If you want to settle in Singapore, the first goal is to achieve an “Employment Pass” (EP). For many Chinese planning to move to Singapore, the EP is easier said than done. If you plan to open a company in Singapore to obtain an employment pass, a “family office” may be a good choice for you.


家族办公室是家族财富管理的最高形式。在新加坡,该方案也被称为 MAS 13U(以前称为 13X)和 MAS 13O(以前称为 13R)。


Woman Explaining On How To Setup Family Office In Singapore




The popularity of 13U/13O family offices is inseparable from the advantages of discretionary funds (such as stocks, bonds, and portfolio investment of funds), tax residency status, and children’s admission to local schools:

  • 符合 13U/13O 条件的基金将免征其指定投资的特定收益税
  • Ability to obtain an Employment Pass (EP) (13U – 3 EPs / 13O – 1 EP)
  • 父母可以申请长期访问准证(LTVP)
  • Spouse and children (under 21 years old and single) can apply for Dependent’s Pass
  • 您可以在未来申请永久居民身份(新加坡永久居民(PR))(如果条件适用)
  • 您将来可以申请成为新加坡公民(如果条件适用)
  • Family Wealth Inheritance – Establish long-lasting family traditions through family offices, achieve cross-generation inheritance and preserve & increase family wealth






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