Family Office Service in Singapore


家族办公室是为高净值家庭提供服务和管理资产的实体。 得益于新加坡自身发达的金融基础设施和较低的税率, 新加坡是建立家族办公室、信托和 基金来管理家族财富的理想地点

新加坡家族办公室可以用于移民规划,可以担保就业准证,甚至可以作为高净值家庭成员 根据全球投资者计划(Global Investor Programme)申请永久居留权的一部分。新加坡家族办 公室的结构通常可以特别设计成不受当地证券法的形式约束,以提供基金管理服务,并根 据基金税收优惠政策免缴所得税。

Types of Family Offices

Single Family Office (SFO)

Single Family Offices cater to a single wealthy family. It’s a family-owned business where a single family manages all of the assets. Single family offices can in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on a family’s actual wealth and makeup. They can specialise in investment services for a small family (in which case they are known as a private investment office or single-family investment firm) or offer a much broader range of services to a large, multi-generational family with a huge crew

Multi Family Office (MFO)

The MFO is a family office that was formed by a group of families who are not related to one another. There are three key sources: the first is the change from a single family office, the SFO, to accepting additional family clients; the second is private banking, which was established to better service large clients; and the third is professional creation.

Types of Family Offices

The following are characteristics of family offices:

• A rm is entrusted with family assets, which are separated from a natural person.
• Only the holding company’s shares must be transferred when assets are inherited.
• Professionals can manage family assets.
• Simple to operate

Tax Exemption

In its Security and Futures Act, the MAS does not dene a single family office, nor does it licence or regulate one. The Singapore government has offered licencing exemptions and tax benets to family offices in order to stimulate their development. Go Global Gem can assist you with tax exemption applications an
consultations for family offices; please contact our experienced accountants for more information.


We provide a one-stop comprehensive family office solution to high-net worth individuals planning to set up family office in Singapore, covering:

• Tax-efficient family office structure set up and implementation
• Tax-free fund and trust set up
• Bank custody and account opening
• Legal documentation for fund management service and compliance
• Annual virtual family office maintenance services